Electric motor Singapore

We all know what an electric motor is. It is a device which is known to convert electrical form of energy to mechanical form of energy. These motors are highly used in water pumps and are almost in demand worldwide. Let us today know about electric motor Singapore.

AC motor in Singapore

In order from 2018, every sold electric motor singapore should be registered with NEA which is an agency of national environment and should also follow minimum (IE3) international energy efficiency class 3. These latest needs align with international standards and have a goal to drive high-efficiency energy of motors used and supplied in Singapore. Induction motor which is used in domestic as well as industrial sectors widely can be used for various things such as prevention of hazards or to couple with cleansers. They are classified according to their energy efficiency standards and set under categories of minimum energy performance which are IE1, IE2, IE3, and IE4.

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Advantages of IE3 

  • These are different from standard motors and have high efficiency and have improvements in their architecture.
  • AC motors have electric currents that produce torque in the rotor which is obtained by electromagnetic induction of the stator windings magnetic field.
  • An induction motor can be made without electrical connections to the rotor, resistances, and reducing stator.
  • Induction motor rotor can also be wound type as well as squirrel cage type.
  • These come with advanced technologies and decrease motor loss by almost 40% and stretch bearing operation lifespan by 2.5 times as that of standard ones.
  • This motor also reduces operational costs due to the adaptation of high efficiency and revolutionary designs to incorporate coil insulation.

Motor suppliers in Singapore

Winston Engineering aims to become a catalyst in a market transformation that drives towards a more efficient future of motors by manufacturing more and more IE3 motors which are registered by the National Environment Agency, Singapore. Since 40+ years in the industry, they have gained a great reputation being a trusted supplier of high-efficiency motors and beyond in Singapore. Their electric motors are tested as top-class facilities ensuring they meet their standards of quality for durability and performance. All the motors supplied by them meet international certificates and relevant specifications. Also, the motors are finely built to operate under severe as well as normal operation conditions