Enroll your child in IIS for learning

There is an enormous need for a high-quality education for all the children right from their primary school. The current education system does not have enough strength to provide equal education to every child. Various political factors play a major role in taking back the opportunity of another. There are already many discriminating factors that exist in this advanced world, it is important to not let children get affected by it. Presently, there are more than 90 million children who are affected by learning difficulties and there is also another report that indicates over 90% of disabled children are out of school. This is extremely saddening and there should be some solution for this. International Integrated School or IIS is one of the best schools that provide equal education to all the children irrespective of how they are. Many people have enrolled their children and also have paid the Singapore international school fees so that their child can get the best education in the country.

How is the fee structure designed?

If you are a parent who only wants the best for your child, then IIS will be the best place for your child. Now, it is a special school as it provides an equal learning opportunity for all the children who have learning difficulties. They have prepared an inclusive curriculum that also includes core socio-emotional programs that help the children to socialize well.

Their fee structure is fixed and is the same for both junior and senior schools. They have separate Singapore international school fees for filing the application and the whole term fee is different. People can pay the fee in different installments and there are various other options as well. Along with this, the school also gets a fee for miscellaneous elements like School uniforms, booklets, examination fees, late payment fees, transportation fees, extra-curricular activities (ECA), external therapy services, and much more.